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Who Has Seen What When?

Who Has Seen What When? Pornography's Contribution to the Social Construction of Sexuality During Childhood and AdolescenceFull Article Name: Who Has Seen What When? Pornography’s Contribution to the Social Construction of Sexuality During Childhood and Adolescence

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Pornography has a ubiquitous place in contemporary Canadian Society. With or without intention, children and youth are frequently exposed to pornographic images and depictions. There is little research detailing the types of exposure that occur and the impact of said exposure on this population. Through a detailed survey administered to approximately 450 first-year college and university students in Ontario, this retrospective and exploratory study answers the query, “when and to what type of pornography are children and young adults exposed and how does this exposure relate to subsequent sexual behaviours and attitudes?” Following a detailed description of pornography exposure, including the source, medium, and the content, current pornographic consumption is documented and related to sexual practices and attitudes. Significant relationships were detected between early pornographic exposure and early engagement in sexual activities. Parental attitudes and behaviour were found to be related to both early exposure and subsequent pornography use.


Skau, B. (2007). Who has seen what when? Pornography’s contribution to the social construction of sexuality during childhood and adolescence [Doctoral dissertation, Wilfrid Laurier University]. Scholar Commons at Laurier.


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