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Technology‐Related Sexual Solicitation of Adolescents

Technology‐Related Sexual Solicitation of Adolescents: A Review of Prevention EffortsFull Article Title: Technology‐Related Sexual Solicitation of Adolescents: A Review of Prevention Efforts

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Information and communication technologies (ICTs), particularly the internet and internet‐enabled devices, have rapidly become integral to adolescents’ lives in high‐income countries. ICTs are associated with many benefits, but there are risks associated with digital technology. This paper examines one such risk: When adults use ICTs, including social networking sites, mobile phones and smartphones, to sexually solicit adolescents. We describe youth who appear to be more vulnerable to technology‐related sexual solicitations from adults and examine the developmental factors that place adolescents at particular risk. Perpetrators who use technology to electronically groom youth are described, including adults working in youth‐serving organisations. Current digital media safety lessons and messages are described, and suggestions for additional ways to safeguard youth from technology‐related sexual solicitations are offered.


    Wurtele, S. K., & Kenny, M. C. (2016). Technology-related sexual solicitation of adolescents: A review of prevention efforts. Child Abuse Review, 25(5), 332–344.


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