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Pharmacotherapy of Sexual Addiction

Full Article Title: Pharmacotherapy of Sexual Addiction

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Purpose of Review: We reviewed recent data on sexual addiction and its treatment. We examined the different definitions of this disorder, related to the pathophysiological mechanisms. We addressed the pharmacological treatment of sexual addiction.

Recent Findings: Hypersexual behavior can be considered an addictive disorder. Sexual addiction is accompanied by significant psychiatric and addictive comorbidities and is responsible for life impairment. A comprehensive and efficient treatment must be proposed.

Summary: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors seem the first-line pharmacological treatment for sexual addiction. Naltrexone could be another therapeutic option. Psychotherapy and preferentially cognitive-behavioral therapy should be used in association with pharmacotherapy and treatments of comorbidities.



Malandain, L., Blanc, J. V., Ferreri, F., & Thibaut, F. (2020). Pharmacotherapy of sexual addiction. Current Psychiatry Reports, 22(6), 30–30.
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