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Exploring the Implications of Child Sex Dolls

Exploring the implications of child sex dollsFull Article Name: Exploring the Implications of Child Sex Dolls

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The importation of child sex dolls into Australia has created increasing concerns. However, the implications of these products, and especially their link with child contact sexual offending, remain unclear.From a review of the literature, a number of possible negative impacts are suggested. Although currently unproven, it is possible that use of child sex dolls may lead to escalation in child sex offences, from viewing online child exploitation material to contact sexual offending. It may also desensitise the user from the potential harm that child sexual assault causes, given that such dolls give no emotional feedback.The sale of child sex dolls potentially results in the risk of children being objectified as sexual beings and of child sex becoming a commodity. Finally, there is a risk that child-like dolls could be used to groom children for sex, in the same way that adult sex dolls have already been used.There is no evidence that child sex dolls have a therapeutic benefit in preventing child sexual abuse.


    Brown, R., & Shelling, J. (2019). Exploring the implications of child sex dolls. Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice 570. Australian Institute of Criminology.


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