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More than Revenge

More than Revenge: Addressing the Harms of Revenge PornographyFull Article Name: More than Revenge: Addressing the Harms of Revenge Pornography

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The non-consensual distribution of intimate images, also known as ‘revenge pornography’ has been increasingly identified as a significant and serious problem, warranting substantial legislative reform and non-legal remedies. Yet little information is available to date on these types of behaviours, or the extent of harms caused to victims. What is clear is that this form of image-based sexual exploitation is occurring globally, and research is needed to assist in the development of: concise laws, training for criminal justice authorities, social workers and victim advocates, and education and prevention campaigns, in order to respond effectively to the victims and perpetrators of these harms.


Flynn, A., Henry, N., & Powell, A. (2016). More than revenge: Addressing the harms of revenge pornography. Monash University.

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