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Male Sexual Disorders: Options for Psychotherapeutic Treatment

Male sexual disorders: options for psychotherapeutic treatmentFull Article Title: Male Sexual Disorders: Options for Psychotherapeutic Treatment

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Psychosexual therapy can be a valuable addition to the management of male sexual problems. Encouraging men to consult on such issues is another matter, however.

A satisfactory sex life is considered by many to be important in terms of their quality of life, physical and psychological wellbeing. Consequently, when individuals believe their sexual function is impaired, this can have a negative impact on their overall quality of life.Men who present to their GP with sexual problems should be considered for referral to specialist NHS services that offer psychosexual therapy once organic causes have been excluded. However, even if organic causes are present, many men also benefit from psychological interventions if their sexual problems have caused ‘performance‐related’ problems, and psychosexual services can work with the cognitive and behavioural elements of the disorder in conjunction with medical treatment.Unfortunately, some geographical areas have limited services, with long waiting times for treatment. If this is the case, then patients can access psychosexual therapy within the private sector. The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) is the UK professional body for therapists and counsellors specialising in psychosexual and relationship issues, and a good starting point in finding a local psychosexual therapist.Men who encounter sexual concerns are less likely to seek help than women. A 2003 British study found that one third of men and more than half of women who had been sexually active in the previous year reported sexual difficulties lasting more than a month, with only 10% of men and 20% of women seeking help for the problem.1 When accessing medical help, the first point of contact was most commonly via a GP, made by two‐thirds of men and three‐quarters of women.



Mathews, E. (2020). Male sexual disorders: options for psychotherapeutic treatment. Trends Urology & Men Health, 11: 9-14.


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