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Male Peer Support and Sexual Assault

Male peer support and sexual assault: the relation between high-Profile, high school sports participation and sexually predatory behaviourFull Article Title: Male Peer Support and Sexual Assault: The Relation Between High-Profile, High School Sports Participation and Sexually Predatory Behaviour

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The etiology of the nexus between high-profile athletic participation and sexual aggression has been explained using Male Peer Support (MPS) Theory, though research is dated and has relied heavily upon college athletic participation. The present study assesses the relation between retrospective participation in high-profile, high school (HS) team sports and woman abuse using survey responses from a sample of 280 undergraduate men at a public university in the Pacific Northwest. Results from multivariate regression models indicate retrospective participation in high-profile, HS team sports was not a significant predictor of sexual aggression once other theoretical factors were accounted for in analyses. Endorsement of rape myths, increased encouragement from all-male peers for maladaptive behaviour, pornography consumption frequency, fraternity membership, and problematic alcohol consumption patterns predicted predatory sexual behaviour. Prevention programmes should target at-risk populations and all-male peer groups, specifically focusing on behaviours supportive of woman abuse.



Goodson, A., Franklin, C. A., & Bouffard, L. A. (2020). Male peer support and sexual assault: The relation between high-profile, high school sports participation and sexually predatory behaviour. Journal of Sexual Aggression.


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