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Children’s Rights Online: Challenges, Dilemmas and Emerging Directions

Children’s Rights Online: Challenges, Dilemmas and Emerging DirectionsFull Article Title: Children’s Rights Online: Challenges, Dilemmas and Emerging Directions

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In debates over Internet governance, the interests of children figure unevenly, and only partial progress has been made in supporting children’s rights online globally. This chapter examines how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is helpful in mapping children’s rights to provision, protection and participation as they apply online as well as offline. However, challenges remain. First, opportunities and risks are positively linked, policy approaches are needed to resolve the potential conflict between protection on the one hand, and provision and participation on the other. Second, while parents may be relied on to some degree to balance their child’s rights and needs, the evidence suggests that a minority of parents are ill-equipped to manage this. Third, resolution is needed regarding the responsibility for implementing digital rights, since many governments prefer self-regulation in relation to Internet governance. The chapter concludes by calling for a global governance body charged with ensuring the delivery of children’s rights.


    Livingstone, S., & O’Neill, B. (2014). Children’s rights online: challenges, dilemmas and emerging directions. In S. van der Hof, B. van den Berg, & B. Schermer (eds.), Minding Minors Wandering the Web: Regulating Online Child Safety (pp. 19-38). Information technology and law series (24). Springer with T. M. C. Asser Press.


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